Nature in the City: Fall in Saint John

Nature in the City: Fall in Saint John

Check out our fall activity list and let me know if you have other things you would add to it. Keep in mind these are EASY places to take kids where they have freedom to run around, and there is usually some place for me to sit down. Both crucial at this point in the game.

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NB Series: Fall Bucket List

I have been terrified for summer to end. I really got into a good routine with the kids, which relied very heavily on being outside. I am extremely unprepared for spending entire days at home when the weather keeps us from venturing out. I cannot possibly watch Moana anymore than I already do, and honestly my kids deserve better than a TV babysitter. Just a few weeks ago if I didn't have something planned for us to do I would just pack everyone up and head to the beach, but the cooler weather means I have to plan a bit more ahead of time.

black beach.JPG

This week was sort of a litmus test for easy activities to do in the fall, and more often than not I found myself taking the kids to the playground. It's ironic actually because the best playgrounds in our area are attached to schools, which of course are back in session so off-limits to us through the day. I'm sort of a snob about playgrounds because many aren't designed with small kids (under 3) in mind. Generally any elementary school is safe, but through the school year we are forced to look elsewhere, and thankfully there are other good ones in the city. Some of the ones we like are Rainbow Park, Carleton Community Center, Rockwood Park, Little River Reservoir and The Children's Forest at Irving Nature Park.


So while I am definitely prepared for my tour-de-playgrounds this fall, I am determined to continue exploring the unique and kid-friendly areas in and around Saint John - most likely by hiking - and I encourage anyone who is interested to join us. Here is our fall bucket list:

1. King's Landing - This is sort of a big one because it's a bit of a drive so we will probably go on a weekend, but I have it on good authority from many trusted friends that this is a great place for small kids and families. They are even doing a promotion for the month of September where you can get a free pass with your library card. Details here.

2. Farm Tour - Sunday, September 17th is Open Farm Day this year. I don't have a plan yet for where to go, but I definitely want to take the kids to see how food is grown, pet some animals and generally just run around in a safe and controlled environment preferably with other kids. Does anyone have a plan for this already? Care to share your ideas?

3. Harrigan Lake - This is actually on one of the trails at Rockwood Park at the entrance by the zoo. We have done this trail many many times and it is a family favorite. Definitely the type of thing I would only do with another adult present, but a gorgeous walk and when the leaves start to turn this will be stunning. We will most certainly wind up at Rockwood many many times this fall. There is so much to do there - it is truly a wonderful public park that is really well taken care of and offers tons for kids and families to do.


4. Ultimate Dreamland - We actually have not been here yet and the kids will freak so I am looking forward to this one. We will certainly be looking for friends to join us on this one! This is just outside our nap-safe drive zone meaning whenever we go I will be guaranteed to be sitting in the car in the driveway while the kids sleep.

5. Blueberry Hill Nature Preserve - Another place we've never been but I hear the trail there is relatively easy and well-maintained. Easy to access, and close to home. Thumbs up from me, can't wait to check it out.

6. Sussex Bluffs Trail - I have actually hiked this before, and I remember it being a little tough but it is only 2km, so definitely doable. The top of the hike may be a little worrisome with small kids if you don't trust them because there's a drop-off, but this is a beautiful hike and the view is worth the trek. This will probably be another one we do on the weekend because it is a bit of a drive for the kids (another car nap). I am actually already hoping to go September 23rd, because there is also the Etsy Dairytown Market in Sussex on that day and I would love to attend. The kids will certainly be less interested in that than I am so I will likely drop them off at a playground with Rob while I poke around the sale.


7. Harbour Passage - I walk Harbour Passage almost every time we go uptown with the kids. The walk from the HMCS Bruswicker tires them out enough that they are not climbing the walls when we go into shops or the Market. The path was recently expanded and there are several installations on the path that the kids love to play on or run around. Uptown is a great place to take the kids for a walk - I have spent many afternoons picnicking in King Square while Charlie chased the pigeons, and so far he has not contracted any illnesses from them. Right now I REALLY want to visit Rogue Coffee on Grannan Lane, and if that means a long walk on Harbour Passage so the kids don't destroy the place, so be it. Coffee, anyone?


I am sure that there are others, but this is the list for now. I post this to keep myself to this, and to remind myself of all the options available to me as much as to encourage anyone else to get out there. So much of my confidence in parenting is tied up in making sure that we spend time outdoors using our bodies and exploring nature. This is why I get so worried about the changing weather - I am their best mom when we are not cooped up at home, so how will this season go? Motherhood is so amazing/weird/wonderful/scary/sad/depressing/joyful, isn't it? I can't believe two small boys can make me feel so insecure sometimes, and so confident others. Ah, well. Life.

Other activities going on in Saint John this fall (that we will probably also be at):

  • Saint John Touch a Truck, Long Wharf, September 16th
  • Gallery Hop, Uptown, October 13th (I'll be there with adults, no kids *glug glug*)
  • Remembrance Day Ceremonies, Harbour Station, November 9th
  • Free Admission Day at New Brunswick Museum, November 9th
  • Saint John Sea Dogs, we regularly attend - GREAT for kids.
  • Queen Square Farmer's Market, they will continue for awhile yet!

NB Series

NB Series will be a collection of outdoor places in New Brunswick (particularly the Fundy Coastal region close to our home) that we visit. Beautiful spots that are probably family and kid friendly.

MacLaren Beach

MacLaren Beach

I posted on Instagram yesterday that I had made being outdoors a priority this year. I feel like I am a good Mom out in the wild. I think my kids learn a lot while being outdoors, and it really helps with managing energy, attitudes and appetites. Charlie in particular is not a great eater, but the more I wear him out in the mornings, the more willing he is to eat as the day goes on.

Another thing that is really important to me is supporting and promoting the amazing things that we have here in NB. This means many different things. Obviously, shopping the many amazing local businesses, but also taking advantage of the many outdoor attractions we have here (and telling others about them as well). The more we come to realize how special this place we live in is, the more others will want to visit- and without veering too far off topic let me just say that it is absolutely VITAL that we attract the outside world to be tourists in our own neighborhoods. Saint John is going through a revitalization - you can absolutely see this shift happening uptown right now. It is still just the beginning and it is SO GOOD. If we want to strengthen our economy, and move away from being overly dependent on large companies than it is absolutely necessary to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in our community. It is critical. They are the future - they will be the ones that save us, move us forward and even employ us.


It's important to me to explore New Brunswick. I want my kids to know that their home offers SO MUCH. I want them to go out into the world and feel a longing to come back. I want others to see just what we have here, and why I feel lucky to live here, because I REALLY REALLY do.

Black Beach Lighthouse, Lorneville

Black Beach Lighthouse, Lorneville

We've been exploring close to home all summer and it has been really rewarding. Aside from seeing all the amazing sights, the benefits to the kids are tangible. They behave so much better when they are able to burn off some of their (seemingly endless) energy. It improves their motor skills, sleep and eating habits, and encourages them to use their minds. Kids are so curious, I'm already having to google answers to questions about plants and animals (I KNOW NOTHING).

They are dirtier than normal, which was already very dirty. In turn the house is dirtier than normal, which was also already very dirty. Some clothes are getting ruined. This is mostly OK with me - I hate inviting people over anyway (truth).

Mactaquac Provincial Park

Mactaquac Provincial Park