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I put out a call this year to see if any Mom entrepreneurs wanted to get together to offer someone a chance to win an amazing Mother's Day Gift Pack. I was so thrilled with the responses, and the result is this gift guide and two MAJOR giveaways. I always talk about the importance of shopping local and small when you can, and for Mother's Day I've made it easier than ever. Every product in this giveaway is made by a Mom in New Brunswick. The theme of this giveaway is simple; for Moms, by Moms. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day this year than by purchasing your gifts from the Moms in your community who have amazing products, talents and services? It's my absolute privilege to introduce to you the first of two giveaways and gift guides, made possible by the incredible generosity of the women you'll read about below. Learn about their businesses and what they love about motherhood, and definitely, definitely enter to win this amazing giveaway worth nearly $1000!

What's in this giveaway you wonder? A hand crafted nursing pillow by Luna Baby, 'Manage Your Mat Leave Like a Mother' guide to Maternity Leave by Shauna Cole Consulting, teething jewelry, gumball and pacifier clip by Little Nibbler's Studio, Reusable Nursing Pads, Facecloths and a $25 shop credit by Farm Girl Design, a full Momma & Baby Photoshoot by Amy Stewart Photography, and a gift pack of handmade all-natural lip balms by Eclair Lips.

***Giveaway details: Designed to appeal to the pregnant or bottle-feeding/nursing Mom, but absolutely ANYONE can enter to win. Enter below via the Rafflecopter giveaway. Deadline to enter is 11:59PM (AST) Saturday, May 12th. Winners will be announced Mother's Day, Sunday May 13th. Prizes will be mailed (at no cost to you!) if not local to Saint John.***

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Shauna Cole, Shauna Cole Consulting (Saint John, NB)


I help ambitious professionals, students and entrepreneurs find and market their strengths. I work with you to understand what you're good at and we craft your message for your marketing materials. This means anything from building a career strategy, a resume or a website, depending on your specific goals and needs.

"When I had my first son, Jayden, it changed my perspective on everything - but especially my attitudes around work. I fell in love with motherhood immediately and try to enjoy each special moment and phase. Except teething. And sleep regressions.

The experience of having endless feelings of mom guilt forced me to reevaluate my life. Ultimately, it led me to the end of a successful 10+ year corporate career. This forced me down the path of thinking about my own career and goals. Then I thought - a lot of people must have had this same experience. The more I talked to Moms, students and other professionals facing significant change, the lack of support around career transition become apparent. While I was on maternity leave with my second dude, we decided a conventional job just wouldn't work and I started to explore career transition as a business.

I love that I help professionals reach their goals. I especially enjoy supporting women when they're often feeling most vulnerable - through the mat leave process. I love that I'm using my own tough experiences in a positive way and that my boys led me to this place.

And also working in my jammies from time to time. Or like, most of the time." - Shauna Cole

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Instagram: @shauna__cole | Facebook: Shauna Cole Consulting |


Courtney Larkin, Luna Baby (Fredericton, NB)

Our Luna pillows are hand-stitched with love in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and are perfect for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, baby cuddling and snoozing. Designed with moms and babies in mind, the Luna pillow allows for maximum comfort while feeding your baby, even for those moms who have had a c-section delivery and may have tender tummies. The Luna pillow is also an excellent option for Dads, partners, family members, and friends to use when bottle feeding or cuddling your baby.

"I've always wanted to be a mom and I've always wanted to find a way to create my own business around a product I love. Shortly after our son was born, the Luna pillow became a necessity in our home, and ever since I've wanted to give other moms the opportunity to enjoy the pillow as much as we have. My business is new, and everything I do has my little guy close by - from picking out fabric to using his nursery for photoshoots - and I can't imagine it any other way; this is truly the happiest I've ever been!" - Courtney Larkin

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Instagram: @lunababypillow | Facebook: Luna Baby |


Sylvie Roy, Eclair Lips (Dieppe, NB)

Eclair Lips is a brand of natural lip balm that I first launched in 2015 - I love combining natural ingredients (think of yummy stuff like cocoa butter & coconut oil) with delicious dessert flavours to create a rich formula that feels as amazing as it smells! I'm happy to say Eclair Lips has been my full-time gig since 2016. I’ve been amazed at how New Brunswickers have welcomed me with open arms and how much my business has grown; in addition to being available in my online shop, my product can now be found in over 35 retail stores across Canada and the US!

"I really love that my girls are growing up watching me do something I love and seeing it as a totally normal thing. I hope that by watching me, they learn that doing what they want in life is something important and that they're worthy of pursuing their own dreams. I'd say that I do it all for them, but that's not really true. I do it because it's who I am and I think we all deserve to be 100% ourselves. I hope that by living my beliefs, I'll teach this to them too." - Sylvie Roy

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Instagram: @eclairlips | Facebook: Eclair Lips |


Amy Stewart, Amy Stewart Photography (Saint John, NB)

I've been in the business of shooting clients' special moments for 15 years. I am a graduate of the photography and visual arts program at NBCCD and studied back when it was only film and darkrooms. I specialize in lifestyle photography which means I love to go to people's environments and shoot them interacting with their loved ones. This same style goes with the way I shoot weddings - intimate, fun, candid moments and details with minimal posing. I am always on the hunt for ways to document the relationships and personalities of people with their loved ones. Another side of my business is commercial work. I love to shoot for other businesses for promotional use and stylized product shots (especially food and drinks - see my work in the Sociable! magazines at the NB Liquor stores).

"This May marks the anniversary of my first year in the photography business, full time. Before this, I always kept a day job doing graphics, website creation and communications. The reason I finally made the leap to go out on my own career-wise, was my kids. I love that I can work around my husband's shift-work schedule to co-parent our sweet girls (2&4 years old). Being around during the tender, wondrous and sleep-deprived years before they go to school, is something I feel very blessed to be able to do. I've always wanted to be a full time photographer and having them pushed me to follow my dreams and take risks. As I write this during nap/quiet time, my 4 year old just came in and said she had a secret to tell me. She crept over and whispered "SLOTH" really quietly into my ear and then laughed and ran away. One thing is for sure, I have the most hilarious coworkers at my home office (sorry old colleagues that are reading, you've been out ranked)." - Amy Stewart

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Instagram: @amystewartphoto | Facebook: Amy Stewart Photography  |


Karyn Sharpe, Little Nibbler's Teething Studio (Fredericton, NB)

Handcrafted silicone teething designs for moms and their littles. The baby friendly teething/nursing jewellery and teethers are designed to keep mom stylish all while entertaining busy baby hands and helping to soothe sore little gums. Little ones love grabbing, playing and nibbling on these during feedings, snuggling or while out on adventures. Crafted with different colours they provide visual stimulation and promote hand eye coordination while the different textures can help with erupting teeth. As an added bonus they can even be used as a learning tool for shapes, colours and counting as well as be refrigerated for those tough days.

"Little Nibblers was created all because of our little girl and the teething struggles that started so early with her. The thing I love most about being a mom and having my little business is that I get to create fun, functional teething designs that help fellow parents and their little ones. We all know its not easy and if my teethers can give some relief to another little one thats what its all about. " - Karyn Sharpe

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Instagram: @littlenibblersteethingstudio | Facebook: Little Nibblers Teething Studio |


Katherine Milton, Farm Girl Design (Hillsborough, NB)

My business started when I had my son. I wanted products that were both stylish and reusable. From there I've developed a huge line of bibs and many reusable items from my "Family Cloth" line including cloth wipes/facecloths, bamboo nursing pads and facial rounds!

"Being a "mompreneur" has been such a great experience. My passion is creating, and I Iove sharing things I make with other moms! I love the flexibility of being able to do something I love while maintaining quality family time." - Katherine Milton

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Instagram: @farmgirldesign.nb | Facebook: Farm Girl Design |