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I put out a call this year to see if any Mom entrepreneurs wanted to get together to offer someone a chance to win an amazing Mother's Day Gift Pack. I was so thrilled with the responses, and the result is this gift guide and two MAJOR giveaways. I always talk about the importance of shopping local and small when you can, and for Mother's Day I've made it easier than ever. Every product in this giveaway is made by a Mom in New Brunswick. The theme of this giveaway is simple; for Moms, by Moms. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day this year than by purchasing your gifts from the Moms in your community who have amazing products, talents and services? It's my absolute privilege to introduce to you the first of two giveaways and gift guides, made possible by the incredible generosity of the women you'll read about below. Learn about their businesses and what they love about motherhood, and definitely, definitely enter to win this amazing giveaway worth nearly $1000!

What's in this giveaway you wonder? The Mother's Day Gift Set from Rustik Soap Co., an earring and necklace set from Studs Astray, a $100 gift card from Sweet Shots Photography, handcrafted anti-age serum and calendula lotion bar by Bella et Moi, a gift pack of handmade lip balms from Eclair Lips, a free-hand watercolor framed painting by Mary Meredith Art, an 'Eat' sign, wooden spoon and #momlife mug from Rosewood Essentials, a 1 hr business coaching phone call from Momentum Canada, and a free housecall and veterinary consult from Seaside Home Veterinary Care.

***Giveaway details: Designed to appeal to Moms, but absolutely ANYONE can enter to win. Enter below via the Rafflecopter giveaway. Deadline to enter is 11:59PM (AST) Saturday, May 12th. Winners will be announced Mother's Day, Sunday May 13th. Prizes will be mailed (at no cost to you!) if not local to Saint John.***

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Kailey von Richter, Rosewood Essentials (Fredericton, NB)

Rosewood Essentials is a home based craft business geared towards all the mom essentials; from personalized mugs, and wine glasses to customizable household items and clothing. We hope to bring all those ‘must do Pinterest projects’ into reality-at an affordable price!

"While one of the best parts about running a little business is of course the flexibility- the ultimate reward is showing my little girl she can do anything she sets her mind on. Proving to her that a woman can build, create and sustain a business while supporting other woman along the way! I love that my passion for crafting has already sparked an entrepreneurial spirit in both my children. Rosewood Essentials is still in the early stages, and there certainly have been some ‘figuring out’ along the way, but- hey isn’t motherhood pretty much the same thing?" - Kailey von Richter

Find Kailey online!

Instagram: @kaileyvonr_rosewoodessentials | Facebook: Rosewood Essentials

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Meigy Beatty, Bella et Moi (Edmundston, NB)

Bella et Moi is a natural and handcrafted skincare line, born from the strong belief that nature provides the best ingredients to battle skin issues. Our mission is to create clean beauty products and embrace natural beauty with high performance skincare.

"It’s privilege for me to do the two things I love, Motherhood and Beauty entrepreneur. My child always comes first and by having my own business, I have control over my time. Being a mom shapes me to have more understanding about personalities of the other human and how to fulfill their needs. This is the basic understanding that I applied to serve my costumers. I am devoted to give the best for both my family life and my business." - Meigy Beatty

Find Meigy online!

Instagram: @missbellaetmoi | Facebook: Bella et Moi |


Sylvie Roy, Eclair Lips (Dieppe, NB)

Eclair Lips is a brand of natural lip balm that I first launched in 2015 - I love combining natural ingredients (think of yummy stuff like cocoa butter & coconut oil) with delicious dessert flavours to create a rich formula that feels as amazing as it smells! I'm happy to say Eclair Lips has been my full-time gig since 2016. I’ve been amazed at how New Brunswickers have welcomed me with open arms and how much my business has grown; in addition to being available in my online shop, my product can now be found in over 35 retail stores across Canada and the US!

"I really love that my girls are growing up watching me do something I love and seeing it as a totally normal thing. I hope that by watching me, they learn that doing what they want in life is something important and that they're worthy of pursuing their own dreams. I'd say that I do it all for them, but that's not really true. I do it because it's who I am and I think we all deserve to be 100% ourselves. I hope that by living my beliefs, I'll teach this to them too." - Sylvie Roy

Find Sylvie online!

Instagram: @eclairlips | Facebook: Eclair Lips |


Joanna Killen, Momentum Canada (Saint John, NB)

Momentum Canada was founded in January 2017 and has been actively supporting Canadian companies validate their business ideas, build their sales pipeline and increase revenue of existing products/services using human-centred design and client skills development ever since. With over 30 clients, we have closed $500k+ in client business and built $9.1M in Sales Pipeline. We work with you to overcome your business growth challenges and support your skills development.

"I am so appreciative of the flexibility I have as an entrepreneur. If I want to go pick up my kiddo from school and hang out with him for the afternoon I can do that. I also notice how my son is seeing how entrepreneurship allows him these opportunities now as well. He recently drew a picture of me that said I really like work. It made me really happy to think that he can see that I legitimately love what I do. I can only hope for him that he doesn't settle for doing something he isn't completely excited and passionate about." - Joanna Killen

Find Joanna online!

Instagram: @momentumcanada | Facebook: Momentum Canada |

photo by Caroline Langevin

photo by Caroline Langevin

Stefanie Grana, Studs Astray (Moncton, NB)

We use a variety of materials but mostly polymer clay and porcelain to create versatile, handcrafted jewelry as unique as the women who wear it.

"For ME, the best thing about being a mom and running my own business is having the freedom to keep my family at the top of my to-do list every. Single. Day.
I get to remain present in every aspect of my children's lives. That is all I've ever really wanted.
" - Stefanie Grana

Find Stefanie online!

Instagram: @studsastray | Facebook: Studs Astray |


Kate Michaud, Rustik Soap Co. (Fredericton, NB)

Located in picture perfect Fredericton, NB, we’re a small soap company that believes in taking a natural and realistic approach to skin care. Rustik is reintroducing people to simple, chemical-free products that not only work well and feel great, but are also healthy for ourselves and the environment. Rustik has a passion for only using the finest of natural ingredients, some of which we find in our own garden. We use a large selection of essential oils, butters, and botanicals to produce beautiful and unique small batches. All Rustik products are handmade, cruelty free, and vegetarian.

"Creating Rustik has been the best and hardest thing I have done for myself and my family. I have three kids ages 5, 9, 14, And a husband who is also self employed. Between juggling schedules of kids, my relationship with my entrepreneurial husband, as well as our extended families, and making sure we get enough quality time together as a family, it’s a big juggling act. I find that I really push to put my business up there on the priority list and it is a struggle at times, Honestly though, it has always been worth the effort. I’m fortunate my family is so supportive, and sometimes I get the kids to help out too. They love helping Mama cut soap! Since creating this business, I have found a sense of satisfaction I just didn’t have before. Before I began, I didn’t realize how badly I needed this creative outlet, and something that was just mine to hunker down in and throw my passion into. I love it! The support from our local community has been incredible. I’m so blessed that I get to do what I love!!" - Kate Michaud

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Instagram: @rustiksoapco | Facebook: Rustik Soap Co. |


Sherry Brown, Sweet Shots Photography (Saint John, NB)

I am a story teller through my photography. I specialize in family, newborn and wedding photography.

"I love the flexibility of being my own boss and a mom to my three boys who love it too!" - Sherry Brown

Find Sherry online!

Instagram: @sweetshotsphotography2016 | Facebook: Sweet Shots Photography |


Mary Fraser, Mary Meredith Art (Rothesay, NB)

I sketch your favourite moments, memories, people, places and things, and paint them in watercolour. I create original, custom, freehand pieces of art to personalize your space and portray the things that you love in a unique silhouette style.

"Motherhood is the greatest inspiration behind my business! I get to do something that I absolutely love doing, while my beautiful babies are sleeping. What could be better than that?" - Mary Fraser

Find Mary online!

Instagram: @marymeredithart


Katie Bell, Seaside Home Veterinary Care (Saint John, NB)

Seaside Home Veterinary Care is dedicated to making veterinary care for our beloved furry family members more accessible. Sometimes it can be difficult, or even simply an extra obstacle, to get our pets into a clinic when they need care (whether it is due to our own limitations, or our pets') so we provide veterinary care right in the comfort of your own home. We perform many services including vaccinations, examinations, blood work, and also at home euthanasias. We are happy to discuss whether at home veterinary care is a good fit for you, and we often liaison with stationary clinics if the need arises. We want to help you make it as easy as possible to get the care that you need for your pet!

"There is not a question in my mind that starting this business was the right decision for my family. The flexibility that it provides in my schedule, as well as the control that I have being the business owner, allows me to feel like I can be present and dedicated as a mother, while also showing my kids how important it is to work hard. Being a business owner when you want to make sure to provide well enough for your family can be very stressful at times, but the fulfillment that I get and the example that I'm hoping to set combined ultimately make this a no-brainer to me in the end." - Katie Bell

Find Katie online!

Instagram: @seasidehomeveterinarycare | Facebook: Seaside Home Veterinary Care |