What do I have to say?

I've really thought about this a lot.  I honestly don't know if I have anything compelling to share with anyone. I lead a normal-to-me life, with my husband Rob, and our two boys Charlie & Sam. I am constantly trying to tell myself I have a healthy balance between housework - which I avoid - and Netflix - which I love.

I do love to share about my life (overshare? you decide). Especially things related to being a mom, because that currently occupies 98% of my brain space and time everyday. If I find something that I think is awesome, I want to tell everyone about it. If I struggle with some aspect of parenting (like sleep-training or picky eaters) I look to others to share their tips with me. I want to be a bigger part of the conversation. I want to have a conversation. With an adult. Preferably.

I have nothing figured out. Having kids is crazy, life is crazy, but we have a good time. This space of the internet is for me share some glimpses of what that looks like.