Boxing Day Meal Deals


I have been so curious about meal subscription services lately. Doesn't that seem convenient? To see a box of groceries arrive at your door, with everything you need to make a unique and delicious meal?! I love this idea. I've been itching to try it out, especially because I suffer from lack of ideas when it comes to the dinner rotation. Particularly this time of year.

Well if you're like me, then we are both in luck because all of these types of services are offering mega-deals for Boxing Day and I've done the research so you don't have to! I have literally signed up for a new box every week for the month of January and I'll do a review post once we've tried them all. Each company had their own box names, but essentially I'm getting 3 meals each week to feed 2 people.

***REMEMBER, these are subscription services so YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, or you'll be automatically charged (full-price) after the first week - or second week in some cases.***

Without further ado, here are the deals I found:

1. HelloFresh --> $40 off your first box. This is a 50% savings if you get the Pronto Box (like I did). Get that deal here. I paid $40 for the week.


2. Miss Fresh -->  $40 off your first TWO boxes with coupon code UNBOXINGDAY. Or get the offer here. I got the Chef Box, and paid $18.74 for the week. This company is based out of QC and is the lowest priced one I've seen - and unless it's absolute garbage I'll be reordering the 2nd week to get the same deal, because seriously it's like $3/plate. 


3. Chefs Plate --> 55% off first week and you can get the deal here. I ordered the 2 person plan and it worked out to $36 for the week. 


4. Good Food -->  $30 off your first TWO weeks. You can get the deal by using coupon code OK60FB or by going here. I got the Classic box and it came to $35 for the week. 

None of the links I've posted are referrals and I won't make any money or get any credit if you sign up. I just wanted to extend the deals I found to anyone else who might be interested. I have never done one of these boxes so I cannot speak to the quality of any of them so don't blame me if you hate them! 

PLEASE tell me if you've tried any of these or if you're signing up with me!